Waffles, Sandwiches, and Pasta

Waffles, Sandwiches, & Pasta

Breakfast Americano

A hearty breakfast to start the day right. Your option of waffles, pancakes, or french toast served with 2 eggs homemade hash and a choice from your most favorite breakfast selection(Bacon, Corned Beef, German Franks, Spam, Hungarian Sausage).

Healthy way or the highway

Breakfast of whole wheat toast, an egg white, broccoli and sweet potato omelet and green salad with tuna, spiced apples and walnut.

Chef's Salad

Lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, roasted chicken, potato hash, and herbed toast with strawberry, vinaigrete

Waffles, Sandwiches, & Pasta

Banana Nutella

Blueberries & Cream

Goin' Banana over Bacon

Peaches, Mangoes & Cream

Waffle Tower

Waffles, Sandwiches, & Pasta


Chili Wings Basket

Fish and Chips


Waffles, Sandwiches, & Pasta


Spaghetti with Meatballs

Mac and Cheese

Waffles, Sandwiches, & Pasta


Tuna Melt

Bacon, Coleslaw, and Tomato

Ham and Egg with Cheese

Waffles, Sandwiches, & Pasta

Cheese Burger

The Hungarian

Adobo el Diablo

The Club