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Top 4 Study Tips on Maximizing Your Study Habits

The school year has just started with bread and butter in lunch boxes as the school bell rings. This is just the beginning of a lifetime success for most of us. But the journey is never easy. Every student will always walk through some rough roads somehow somewhere.  This is why we all need some study tips to get ourselves through the toughest storms in the course of studies.

Most students are enthusiastic to start the semester. Studying is not yet a burden or an obligation. They see it as a fun activity together with friends.  They wake up early and stay late studying. But as days pass by, the energy seems to deflate and the focus is drawn-out. This is where study habits need to be strongly cheered on. So, here are our top study tips to propel you towards academic excellence.

Study Tips #1: Study On Your Time Zone

Studying is an activity that needs enough time. Time element is very crucial to have an effective study habit. It needs enough planning and preparation to avoid unnecessary repetition on sub-task. Be flexible but stay realistic.

This study tip goes beyond just study skills. You need to identify what time of the day will you study that works best for you. Studying first thing in the morning may work for some. But not all can get their mind to work properly in that time frame. If so, you can try studying in the middle of the day or have it before bedtime.

Moreover, your environment will also have to do with time. Make sure that the surrounding when you study fits your time zone. But the conductivity of your environment is also subjective to the way you perceive things. It is part of your personal preferences. If staying at home won’t work, go somewhere else. There are modern places you can visit such as study café or library café like Book Latte.

“Make friends with time in you study habits.”

Study Tips #2: Understand Your Motivators

To keep yourself in the game of studies, you need the right fuels along the way. You have to understand how your body responds to internal and external triggers.  There are several study tips that will give you ideas on how to motivate yourself.

The most common strategy is the reward system. Listing down the milestones and short term goals will help you drain away the distractions. Then, prepare or plan the rewards you would give to yourself on each achievement. This study technique will help you enjoy every inch of your journey as a student.

Rewarding yourself when studying may not be costly, though. A nap after a long hour of studying can be great. Why don’t you treat yourself to enjoy your favorite food or drink? A time to play your video game for about 20 minutes will also do the job. Do whatever it takes.

“Stay motivated.”

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Study Tips #3: Define Your Learning Style

We all have different patterns and funnels in our study habits. Knowing what will fit you should enable you to use your strength as you study in courses. The manner your mind perceives and retains what you study will somehow dictate what should be the approach.

Discover your learning styles. For some, hearing the exact words will help their mind keep the information longer. More to that, you may be good in memorizing details while you write them down.  Other can catch up with their photographic memory – keeping visuals or images. You can have other styles and work with them.

“Know thyself.”

Study Tips #4: Listen To Your Body

One of the most important yet usually ignored when studying is our body signals. We need to keep ourselves healthy. Do not stay or pass the border line of physical abuse when studying. Cognitive functions are weakened when our body suffers exhaustions or the unhealthy idles.

Do not over study yourself to the top. Keep an eye on your body registers. When something is off while studying like having a headache, hearing grumbling stomach or landing with an unintentional empty stare, you can recalibrate your process. That might indicate information overload and your mind can’t hold them any longer.

Take a break.  Have a short nap, enjoy a food or do something that will regain your senses. Keep in touch with friends or watch a movie. This will lessen the mental pressure and bring back its vigor and focus. You can never run with an empty gas tank.

 “Staying fit will beat the heat.”

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Final thoughts…

Always remember, you are in school to win it and not to quit it. Tips for studying will help as much. But take note. We all have a unique way of approaching things. Ultimately, you will need to find the right combination for you. The study tips I mentioned in this article will drive you to know and understand your unique study patterns to yield best results towards academic excellence. Keep going!

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