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2017 New Year Resolutions at Book Latte

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s 2017! – And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been. – Rainer Maria Rilke. Glitters of hope and sprinkles of excitement are brewing at Book Latte. To open up this amazing year, we have compiled creative mixtures to head on your calendar. You can think of these as Book Latte’s New Year Resolutions just for you!


New Year Resolution #1: Coffee and Health

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="435" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]Got some hang ups you need to hang up? Well, you can always do it with a cup of coffee in the morning. From hot brewed to iced coffee, you will surely wake your sleepy morning on the go with energy. Take a sip or better yet, have a drink at our lounge. Be healthy with coffee this year!

Coffee beans are miracle carrier on our body. Progressive research on coffee shows that coffee drinkers have lower chances on developing type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Dementia compared to nondrinkers. Drinking coffee can also lower the risk of having liver cancer by 40%. Start the year off with your favorite brew!


New Year Resolution #2: Books and Nooks

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="436" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]Letters, words, sentences, paragraphs and stories are the elements of great minds. Looking for some place to read your new book? Or would you read some from our nook? Take some time to sit, relax and travel in the world of books. Make books part of your world in 2017!

Astoundingly while you enjoy reading a book, your mental processes are honed to respond and react intellectually. A habit of reading stimulates your mind to improve memory, expand vocabulary, strengthen analytical skills, reduce stress, and develop focus and concentration. It will slow down the progress of dementia and can help loose down bad moods. Now, grab a book and begin the journey of a great mind this year!


New Year Resolution #3: Art and Heart

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="439" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. – John W. Gardner. Looking for a place where art exists and artists live by the creativity of their passion and love? Discover the art within your heart and look pass time and space. Enjoy your creative power at Book Latte! Connect your heart to the art from within this year!

You can organize a workshop or a session at the lounge with a very affordable package. Last year, a calligraphy session packed the lounge with aspiring artists. Fun and excitement filled the atmosphere. Not an organizer? Then you can just be part of another art-related event. Just watch out for Book Latte’s announcements this year! It is good to start the year with a creative mind.


New Year Resolution #4: Food and Mood

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="440" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]When you are not in the mood and everything goes out of control, food is your best friend! Right on the line, grab the best meal you would love to eat and expel bad aura from your soul. Let your senses be awakened by the mere culinary excellence at Book Latte. Create a time to enjoy excellent food in 2017!

You can check our menu online and get a list of the food you want to eat. Also, for people on the go, you can grab food coupons with huge discounts at From snacks to full meal, Book Latte has it all for you. Enliven your mood this year with Book Latte!

Still thinking what can you do this year? Make this year a mixture of your soul and your goal. Creativity will never be out of trend. A simple bend from the ordinary will start at our lounge. Start putting out your plans and we will make them come true at Book Latte!



Inferno: Chasing The Truth For Survival


What if – “Dante’s hell is not fiction… It is prophecy!”

October this year, another movie will be seen in wide screens to every corner of the earth. “Inferno”– a movie based on the fourth book of an American author, Dan Brown, in his Robert Langdon series following Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.

The book was released by Doubleday last May 14, 2013 gaining the number one spot on New York Times Best Seller list for Hardcover fiction and Combined Print and E-book fiction in its first eleven weeks. Today, it hooked itself on the list for Combined Print and E-book fiction having the tenth place.

In the sequel, Robert Langdon, a Harvard University professor, is lost in the middle of symbols, clues and memory loss battling on whom to trust before the whole humanity is irrevocably altered to something worse than what he can imagine. Suffering from a short-term memory loss, he found himself as a target of a national manhunt where he got some help from Sienna Brooks, one of the doctors attending him, all the way to discovering a biological plague is created to wipe out a large portion of the world’s population as solution to impending world crisis on overpopulation.


In Search of Truth

With geo-political crises and worldwide threats to our health and safety, Inferno drew many to searching for mechanisms to future survival. How can one survive the doomsday when the very least one can do is to find the truth behind the front curtains of worldwide government drama play?

If anyone wants to see what will happen when a truth about a worldwide concern is concealed from the public, then watch this movie! Or would you rather want to experience The Inferno Journey Through Hell with Dan Brown? Sony Entertainment, Google and Brown teamed up to create puzzles for three-week online experience. You just have to survive by solving three puzzles each week and of increasing difficulty.

But on real scores, who knows, every terrorist attack happening around the globe can be politically driven more than just extreme discrimination. What about when every arising threats to human health is created long ago and concealed from our very knowledge?

Finding out the latest virus spreading around, Zika virus was already identified in Uganda in1947 only in monkeys. Later in 1952, it was identified in human. Its first large outbreak was reported from the Island of Yap in 2007. Where does it lead us?


Hell on Earth Unleashed

Inferno portrays a virus engineered by Bertrand Zobrist, a billionaire geneticist and a Dante fanatic, to exterminate more than a half of human race in facing the coming uncontrollable human population growth. Will it be Zika in our time?

Zika virus is said to affect women badly. During pregnancy, the infection affects the form development of the baby causing birth defects. Also, it is associated with any other pregnancy problems. Further reports have been roaming around stating that there is an increasing case of people experiencing Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) due to the outbreak. This condition is a rare abnormality of the nervous system in which the person’s immune system attacks his own nerve cells.

An experimental report is also circulating that the infection has an Alzheimer’s-like effect in adults. Based on the experiment, the infection is observed attacking immature cells in the adult brain of the mice. These cells are very important in the process of learning and memory handling – thus, its depletion can have similar monstrous effects in comparison to people with Alzheimer’s.

What is the extent of Zika’s devastation into human’s existence and survival?

Why don’t you search Google in your laptop here at our lounge? Bring your smart phones, books, news papers and the latest news on Zika’s threats and outbreaks here at Book Latté. Find your best seat. Make the most of your time with us. We will read together enjoying a cup of java…

And together, let us face the path that humanity is now walking into!

I’m a fan of the truth… even if it’s painfully hard to accept.” – Dan Brown, Inferno


Top 5 Paulo Coelho Books

the_alchemist_paulo_coelho_040313_marg0d69Paulo Coelho is a great author. Ever wondered which of his books to read first? Which ones give you a great sense of Paulo Coelho’s style? Which ones have the best storyline? The best message? The best reads?
Well, here are my suggestions as to the best books by Paulo Coelho and therefore definitely the ones to read first! Enjoy!
#1 Veronika Decides to Die
No, not The Alchemist (although that too is brilliant), but Veronika Decides to Die. Despite having read both books over and over again, Veronika Decides to Die is still my favourite and number 1 recommend. While the Alchemist is a story of following one’s dreams, Veronika Decides to Die deals with the question of life and madness. What is madness? The value of life? Do we take it for granted? In his unique and amazing style, Paulo Coelho explores these issues in a way that keeps you 100% entertained and wanting more. You won’t put it down until you finish!!
#2 The Alchemist
The book that made him internationally famous, it has been critically acclaimed and translated into numerous languages. A favourite and a classic, just about everyone who has read any Paulo Coelho has read this. A great novel of adventure, following one’s dreams and of determination and faith, it is the ultimate pick-me-up book, and therefore makes number two on the list. If you’re ever feeling down, read The Alchemist!
#3 Eleven Minutes
This book is a tale of a Brazilian girl who goes to Switzerland with an ‘agent’ who misleads her into working as a dancer in his bar. Being determined to come back to Brazil having ‘made it’, she chooses not to return until she has made enough money and done enough to go back without having ‘lost face’. Her journey is full of choices- which will she make? A great tale of perspective, right and wrong, love and ultimately choice. As always, Coelho leaves the judgment up to you yet raises important issues in such an entertaining way.
#4 Brida
#5 The Fifth Mountain
the devil wears prada

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

WeisbergerL_DevilWearsPradaA delightfully dishy novel about the all-time most impossible boss in the history of impossible bosses.

Andrea Sachs, a small-town girl fresh out of college, lands the job “a million girls would die for.” Hired as the assistant to Miranda Priestly, the high-profile, fabulously successful editor of Runway magazine, Andrea finds herself in an office that shouts Prada! Armani! Versace! at every turn, a world populated by impossibly thin, heart-wrenchingly stylish women and beautiful men clad in fine-ribbed turtlenecks and tight leather pants that show off their lifelong dedication to the gym. With breathtaking ease, Miranda can turn each and every one of these hip sophisticates into a scared, whimpering child.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA gives a rich and hilarious new meaning to complaints about “The Boss from Hell.” Narrated in Andrea’s smart, refreshingly disarming voice, it traces a deep, dark, devilish view of life at the top only hinted at in gossip columns and over Cosmopolitans at the trendiest cocktail parties. From sending the latest, not-yet-in-stores Harry Potter to Miranda’s children in Paris by private jet, to locating an unnamed antique store where Miranda had at some point admired a vintage dresser, to serving lattes to Miranda at precisely the piping hot temperature she prefers, Andrea is sorely tested each and every day—and often late into the night with orders barked over the phone. She puts up with it all by keeping her eyes on the prize: a recommendation from Miranda that will get Andrea a top job at any magazine of her choosing. As things escalate from the merely unacceptable to the downright outrageous, however, Andrea begins to realize that the job a million girls would die for may just kill her. And even if she survives, she has to decide whether or not the job is worth the price of her soul.

“I soon came to realize that Hope – along with every other anorexicallty skinny girl in the office, and most of the guys – was able to accurately evaluate other people’s weight. It was just when it came time to look in the mirror that everyone genuinely saw a wildebeest staring back.” (pg 174) 

“It seems that I can see other people and say they look good but when it comes to me (no matter how much I loose) I always see something wrong.”


Quotes From “Aleph” By Paulo Coelho


I enjoy reading Paulo Coelho’s novels. They are always inspirational. Or simply put – food for the soul. To be frank, I enjoy reading some of his earlier works better than his recent ones. Hence my expectation for “Aleph” was not that high. This book surprises me on several fronts.

First, it is quite a page turner, which is not usually the case of Paulo Coelho’s books.

Second, it seems genuine, pouring out from author’s personal experience. After some research (and to    my horror as you will find out in just a bit), while “Aleph” may not have accounted for all that has    happened, what is written is 100% bibliography based on a true story.

Hence, depending on your moral compass, it could be inspirational for some, troubling for others.

The center theme of “Aleph” can easily be related by many. Routines wear us down. Great losses in    life too may dip us into an emotional abyss. We may find faith and then lose it along the way. Or regrets in our past and worries in our future too can weigh us down. How then can we get out of this? A pilgrimage, as suggested by the author, may have the answer we need.

In “Aleph”, the 59 years old Paulo Coelho has taken a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway to meet his     readers across Russia. During his journey, a 21 years old Turkish girl Hilal has insisted to travel with     Paulo and his team of editor, distributor, and translator. Coelho (who is married) and Hilal became physically, emotionally, and spiritually close that even with my rather liberate mindset, I was finding it a bit uncomfortable to read. But it is what it is. Two people performed rituals together in an intimate setting. And if you buy into the concept of reincarnation, that two lifetimes ago, Coelho and Hilal were lovers, that past and present are one, I suppose it is OK to be that close. A bit confusing if you are an outsider. But say for a moment that reincarnation does exist and we do happen to meet with the same people through time and space, perhaps what Coelho and Hilal have done is beautiful. It is certainly romantic to read. I love you like a river, said him to her. That is probably the most artistic thing a married man can say to his admirer (and lover from another lifetime).

There are quite a few quotes that are memorable, that I can relate and would like to share with you.

1. It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future.

2. When faced by any loss, there’s no point in trying to recover what has been, it’s best to take advantage of the large space that opens up before us and fill it with something new.

3. People never leave, we are always here in our past and future lives.

I think the first quote is self-explanatory. What we do at present matters the most. The next two are to help us coping with losses.

4. Although sometimes, we need to be strangers to ourselves. Then the hidden light in our soul will illuminate what we need to see.

What it means, I suppose, is that in order to rediscover ourselves, we need to look pass what has become so familiar. Examine our lives in the eyes of a stranger in a detached manner.

5. Now each morning, when your mind is still empty, devote a little time to the Divine … Inhale deeply and ask for all the blessings in the air to enter your body and fill every cell. Then exhale slowly, projecting happiness and peace around you. Repeat this ten times. You’ll be helping to heal yourself and contributing to healing the world as well.

I have not tried the above method. It may work out better than screaming out loud into the mirror every morning and say: This is going to be a great day!

6. Walking is doing wonders for body and soul. I’m completely focused on the present moment, for that is where all signs, parallel worlds and miracles are to be found. Time really doesn’t exist.
When I was young, I used to walk a lot, in great distance. My mother used to call me Walkman. I agree with Paulo that walking does wonders for our bodies and souls. Ideas do hit me. But I have yet to encounter lovers from my past incarnations that way.

7. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do.

8. Anyone who knows God cannot describe Him. Anyone who can describe God does not know Him.

Both quotes are again self-explanatory. But it does take some time to fully internalize.

9. Love is beyond time, or, rather, love is both time and space, but all focused on one single constantly evolving point – the Aleph.

That, is the Aleph. You may need to read the book in order to understand what he says.

10. We can never wound the soul, just as we can never wound God, but we become imprisoned by our memories, and that makes our lives wretched, even when we have everything we need in order to be happy.

On face level, this quote can be useful to most. But after reading the book, I think that the author may refer to memories of our past lives. I am not ready to believe in reincarnation (as yet). Having said that, we should be reminded that we have everything we need to be happy. And those things are within our reach.

11. Is it possible to deviate from the path God has made? Yes, but it’s always a mistake. Is it possible to avoid pain? Yes, but you’ll never learn anything. Is it possible to know something without ever having experienced it? Yes, but it will never truly be part of you.
This is probably one of my favorite quotes. We shall always seek to experience, accept the pain as it comes, and follow God’s will.

Last but not the least, there is one quote to share. I agree wholeheartedly.

12. Like the children we will never ever cease to be.


1st Calligraphy Workshop

Our elephant logo stands for Art, Love and Wisdom. Staying true to this, we held the 1st Calligraphy Workshop in Iloilo this summer. We would like to give special credits to the 7th Avenue Diaries for making this‪ ‎wish come true‬ here in ‪book latte cafe iloilo‬.




A New Beginning for Book Latte Cafe – Cafe Ilonggo

Last December 20, Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog personally graced the formal opening of Book Latte Cafe in its new location at the Paseo de Iloilo of Robinson’s Place in De Leon st., Iloilo City. It’s been a few months since my favorite cafe for the longest time has been closed for renovation. Back in 2011 when I was still in college, Book Latte has been one of my favored destinations for hanging out or studying; it was then located at Lucio Lim building where you wouldn’t expect a coffee shop to exist beside an appliance store in Quezon st. near the mall entrance.
After meeting Ms. Tina, the cafe’s new owner and their staff- I became close to everyone even their most loyal customers. From 2012 to 2014, the cafe has been one of my most-visited places here in the city. It has become a haven for me to appreciate art, travel and other topics that can be read in their book and magazines. Not to mention that Chef Red Zamora who used to work in an internationally-acclaimed hotel in Cebu has been creating the most enticing, flavorful and delicious plates of goodness that one can simply look forward to in a decent cafe.
Before brunchin’ became a big hit in the city lately, I have been enjoying the crisp but smooth on the inside Belgian waffle topped with butter and other heavenly ingredients as well as the other customers who found solace in this humble cafe tucked inside the building with trucks and tricycles outside.
Now in it’s new location, our favorite cafe will surely give a boost of confidence and pride to its small community of coffee lovers who are members  and the new set of customers who wish to try the Book Latte experience.
Congratulations once again to the management and staff of Book Latte! I will surely look forward to more memorable moments, mouthwatering food and in trying out their freshly-brewed “fruity” coffee.
This blog post is by Cafe Ilonggo. Check out their blog here .