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Book Latte Apple Cider Honey Cooler

5 #SummerFit Reasons to Try Book Latte Cider Honey Cooler

Book Latte Apple Cider Honey CoolerThe weather is getting hotter in the tropics and we are craving more for cool drinks to get through each day. Now, Book Latte is launching its new drink to keep us hydrated and healthy for a #SummerFit this year! Make way for the new healthy drink in town – Cider Honey Cooler! It is a refreshing mixture of apple cider and honey. Why drink? It is just the healthiest option to quench your thirst.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Helps Alkalize Your Body

Unhealthy habits will eventually affect your body. It will rob you of your energy, enthusiasm, and health. Having low pH level in your body can lead to several diseases, inflammation, and infection. Drinking cider honey cooler will help raise your pH level to its natural state which will make you more resistive to germs and ailments. This drink is recommended to people who experience inflammation, problems with digestion, and pain in the muscles, joints or throat.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Relieves Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Both apple cider and honey are found to be helpful in balancing stomach acid while honey has an anti-inflammatory element that soothes the esophagus. Studies found that apple cider has comparable results with antiacids and alleviates heartburn symptoms. Honey, on the other hand, has medicinal properties that are able to assist lowering acid reflux symptoms. Make sure to drink cider honey cooler whenever you feel unease in your stomach.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Lose Some Weight

Consuming cider honey cooler can also help you with your weight loss journey. Apple cider has a physiological effect on suppressing appetite, controlling blood sugar levels and preventing fat accumulation. A study from Japan found that a dose of 30ml vinegar in 500ml water daily helped reduce body fat mass and reduce waistlines in obese people. Honey is also good in getting rid of your body toxins. It turns on the detoxification genes in your body.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Apple cider and honey can naturally reduce your body’s cholesterol level and keep your blood healthy. Drinking apple cider and honey is one way of assisting the liver in processing fatty acids and increasing bile production. A study about the intake of honey shows that regular honey consumption decreases levels of LDL cholesterol known as the “bad” cholesterol and increases levels of HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol. Let’s enforce the good cholesterol by drinking our cider honey cooler!

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Improves Skin Conditions

Apple cider and honey has antibacterial properties combined to make a great tonic for a healthy skin. Both apple cider and honey are used for treating eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Apple cider prevents germs from infecting damaged skin while honey hastens your skin’s natural healing process and will also hydrate and soften your skin. Plus, this drink also helps you have a healthier hair growth. Have a youthful glowing skin with our cider honey cooler this #SummerFit!

Let have a #SummerFit with Book Latte’s newest concoction – Cider Honey Cooler! Make sure to give it a try and enjoy a healthier life! 


#NewFoodxBookLatte Giveaway – Christmas at Book Latte

Book Latte is very grateful for its 2017. Christmas holidays make everyone busy and excited. The season of giving and love fills the air in our lounge and library. As part of the celebration, we are introducing our new food menus with the hashtag #NewFoodxBookLatte!

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To show their gratefulness to all the #HumansOfBookLatte they are giving away 5 of P300 worth of Book Latte experiences before the year ends. We inviting everyone to participate and get a chance to win a gift certificate. The certificate is transferable as your gift to someone you love. Check this post now on how to join!


To our #HumansOfBookLatte:

In celebration of a wonderful 2017 with us, we will be giving away 5 – P300 worth of Book Latte experience featuring our new food menus.

Make somebody special happy! You may also give and share your gift certificate to others (a friend, a donee, a relative) in case you win! This is entirely transferrable. To join, kindly do the following steps:

1. Like or LOVE this original post.
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3. Comment below 3 of your friends on the original post.

#ChristmasAtBookLatte Let’s tell everyone what’s new in Book Latte!
Stay tuned for our series of announcements of winners!

To join, here is the post!


Book Latte

Why Read Books: The Heritage and Benefits of Reading Books

Seamlessly, technology has ruthlessly crippled the ecology of libraries and humanity especially in reading books. Seeing the benefits we can obtain from technology as our helpmate in our daily lives, we seem to have forgotten some other aspects of life – the long road experience. Having our today’s advancement in technologies, every route and process were cut into short. We somehow lost the rewards of taking the long processes in life.

Processes in our day-to-day tasks are almost driven by vital information. The increase of information in the globe has risen beyond our minds can handle. This situation leads to our dependence on technology for recognition, computation, and analysis to arrive at a concrete decision. One click, one drag, one call, one drop is all it takes especially with information.

Book Latte Library Cafe

When we need certain information, we turn to Google Search. When we need to find a certain word from a very long content, we use word finder. The declining percentage of people reading lengthy but well-written content for the sake of knowledge is alarming. It becomes a red alert because not able to read that long makes humanity stagnant in its personal growth while the progress in technology is far reaching. People become naïve and culturally ignorant along the way.

Reading Books Brings Personal Growth

Book Latte Personal Growth

A study conducted by University of Toronto researchers, Maja Djikic and Keith Oatley (2014) showed that reading even just fictional pieces allows us to open up ourselves to situations of others and explore our own selves and personalities. And in the process, we gain insights to change the parts of ourselves that we don’t like. We all long for societal development and one avenue to start it is by taking the long process of reading books – not just skimming.

Reading Books Ushers Lifetime Success

Even famous people attributed their success to reading books – a lot. Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, credited his success to reading 500 pages every day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year which means one every week while Mark Zuckerberg habitually has a book to read every two weeks.

Book Latte Lifetime Success

According to Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, rich people having an annual income of $160,000 or more read for self-improvement, education, and success. On the other hand, less fortunate people having an annual income of $35, 000 or less are just reading books primarily for entertainment. These people are once stranger to success until one book, one chapter, one paragraph, one word has struck them and made them a success. We can have ours too.

Reading Books Breaks Social Naivety and Cultural Ignorance

People are born pure and neutral from external influences of society. We are all a blank slate the moment we stepped into this world. How we act and respond will depend on the environment we are cultured into. Nowadays, we cannot avoid being left behind by the fast changing blow of advancements around us.

But we can take the long road by reading books. We see the whole dimension of humanity and how it works through the words which are the experience of the authors from their own journey. That is a good start for familiarization.

Reading Books at Book Latte

Have you heard of “Binukot Princesses of Panay”? In the ethnic tribes in the Panay hinterlands, there is a family tradition of setting apart one girl to be a “Binukot”. A Binukot is a woman who, from childhood, is not allowed to work or to be seen by other people.

She is waited on hand and foot, given only the choicest of food, carried around in a hammock because her feet should never touch the ground. She is basically treated like a princess. In turn, she could neither be seen by people other than her immediate family, go to school, nor be allowed for sun exposure. Her innocence has turned to social naivety and cultural ignorance.

Book Latte Binukot Princess

At Book Latte Megaworld, there is a Binukot Princess Inspired Artwork done by Ron Bulahan and Kinno Florentino. However, the cage of social naivety and cultural ignorance was gradually loosened by reading books. The princess seeks to learn about the world through the words of every author. She gains confidence and love of self and others. This is why Book Latte is founded to foster the love for reading books – to lead a movement for social development.

We may not travel the world with our feet; taste all delicious dishes with our mouth or experience such and such. But we can see and feel how the world looks like from afar in a manner that’s up close to us. There is a world in the pages of each book equally mirrors the world we live in. Want to see that world? So keep reading books in our lounge!

Book Latte Study Tips on Maximizing Your Study Habits Featured Image

Top 4 Study Tips on Maximizing Your Study Habits

The school year has just started with bread and butter in lunch boxes as the school bell rings. This is just the beginning of a lifetime success for most of us. But the journey is never easy. Every student will always walk through some rough roads somehow somewhere.  This is why we all need some study tips to get ourselves through the toughest storms in the course of studies.

Most students are enthusiastic to start the semester. Studying is not yet a burden or an obligation. They see it as a fun activity together with friends.  They wake up early and stay late studying. But as days pass by, the energy seems to deflate and the focus is drawn-out. This is where study habits need to be strongly cheered on. So, here are our top study tips to propel you towards academic excellence.

Study Tips #1: Study On Your Time Zone

Studying is an activity that needs enough time. Time element is very crucial to have an effective study habit. It needs enough planning and preparation to avoid unnecessary repetition on sub-task. Be flexible but stay realistic.

This study tip goes beyond just study skills. You need to identify what time of the day will you study that works best for you. Studying first thing in the morning may work for some. But not all can get their mind to work properly in that time frame. If so, you can try studying in the middle of the day or have it before bedtime.

Moreover, your environment will also have to do with time. Make sure that the surrounding when you study fits your time zone. But the conductivity of your environment is also subjective to the way you perceive things. It is part of your personal preferences. If staying at home won’t work, go somewhere else. There are modern places you can visit such as study café or library café like Book Latte.

“Make friends with time in you study habits.”

Study Tips #2: Understand Your Motivators

To keep yourself in the game of studies, you need the right fuels along the way. You have to understand how your body responds to internal and external triggers.  There are several study tips that will give you ideas on how to motivate yourself.

The most common strategy is the reward system. Listing down the milestones and short term goals will help you drain away the distractions. Then, prepare or plan the rewards you would give to yourself on each achievement. This study technique will help you enjoy every inch of your journey as a student.

Rewarding yourself when studying may not be costly, though. A nap after a long hour of studying can be great. Why don’t you treat yourself to enjoy your favorite food or drink? A time to play your video game for about 20 minutes will also do the job. Do whatever it takes.

“Stay motivated.”

Book Latte Library Cafe Coffee Shop 2

Study Tips #3: Define Your Learning Style

We all have different patterns and funnels in our study habits. Knowing what will fit you should enable you to use your strength as you study in courses. The manner your mind perceives and retains what you study will somehow dictate what should be the approach.

Discover your learning styles. For some, hearing the exact words will help their mind keep the information longer. More to that, you may be good in memorizing details while you write them down.  Other can catch up with their photographic memory – keeping visuals or images. You can have other styles and work with them.

“Know thyself.”

Study Tips #4: Listen To Your Body

One of the most important yet usually ignored when studying is our body signals. We need to keep ourselves healthy. Do not stay or pass the border line of physical abuse when studying. Cognitive functions are weakened when our body suffers exhaustions or the unhealthy idles.

Do not over study yourself to the top. Keep an eye on your body registers. When something is off while studying like having a headache, hearing grumbling stomach or landing with an unintentional empty stare, you can recalibrate your process. That might indicate information overload and your mind can’t hold them any longer.

Take a break.  Have a short nap, enjoy a food or do something that will regain your senses. Keep in touch with friends or watch a movie. This will lessen the mental pressure and bring back its vigor and focus. You can never run with an empty gas tank.

 “Staying fit will beat the heat.”

Book Latte Study Tips Library Cafe Coffee Shop

Final thoughts…

Always remember, you are in school to win it and not to quit it. Tips for studying will help as much. But take note. We all have a unique way of approaching things. Ultimately, you will need to find the right combination for you. The study tips I mentioned in this article will drive you to know and understand your unique study patterns to yield best results towards academic excellence. Keep going!

Sneak Peak!

We are not only giving out study tips. We have a treat to all students this school year! Check out our Jump Start Promo for college and graduate school students as a sneak peak before we officially post it on our Facebook Page. Just bring your validated school ID on your respective promo schedules. See you at Book Latte – Iloilo City’s first library café!


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Mother’s Day Celebration with Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis

No place in this world is, as safe as my mother’s womb. And nobody in this world is, as loving as my mother. – Luffina Lourduraj. Indeed, we want to honor the first woman everyone can have in a lifetime. And Iloilo Business Park Megaworld wants to have this day more than special by having two of the incredible moms in the industry of OPM – Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis.

Kitchie serenaded IBP Megaworld on a Saturday night, May 13, 2017, at the Festive Walk Parade. Everyone is electrified seeing a mom with a baby and a guitar up to the beat of the songs. It’s good to see Kitchie still performing together with her lovely soon-baby.

Barbie felt home as she made her come back to Iloilo after a couple of years. She made the celebration even brighter at the Festive Walk Parade last Sunday night, May 14, 2017, as she sang her smash hit songs. Her energy and excitement filled the whole area with laughter and smile.

As fun and memorable it can be, Book Latte supported the celebration all the way. And we are more than happy to serve Kitchie and Barbie our best in the house after they have performed.

We had rare moments with two of the most adorable moms and artists in the country. Moms are always the silent heroes everyone deserves.


The Equilibrium of Job and Building a Career

Many of us are focusing on getting into the workforce and just receive paycheck twice a month. But is that how we should look at the world of work? I am always reminded by a cogent quotation about passion at work“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” – Farrah Gray. This somehow fuels my strong conviction not to settle on doing things for a stack of pennies. There is more to work than just landing a job. There are careers we can all build in the span of our life – so start building your career today!


A Career Is A Job Nourished By Passion

Finding your job is never enough. Somehow, you have to grow in what you do to build your career. If you can learn how to love any job and fit what you are passionate about in what you do, it is no question that you already found the starting line of your career. Give room for passion in your job and watch how it prospers to be your very career. Give focus on building your career with passion in your job.

Working on a digital marketing company, I was able to hone my passion on helping people get their stuff out there on a competitive society. I did not see myself in marketing before I entered the company even though I was aware that giving others a platform to share their ideas and values injects me sheer joy more than I can explain. Eventually, I learned how to take my passion and squeeze it into what I do in the company. Find a job and grow your passion.

“Doing what you love and feeling passionate about your work only goes so far.” – Kathy Foltner


A Career Is A Job Sustained By Productivity

Without producing a valuable convert within you and your world, your job cannot evolve into a career. You get to stay in your career and grow when you can keep up with the demand of quality results. Productivity matters on your career growth. You can’t buy a career from the streets nor can you pick them along the wayside.

When your spinoff is worthy of any price, you get an edge to shape your job into a career.  Remember, career is all about value. Once your value in the society is established as you are building your career, blow a word and it becomes a raw decree to your audience. Career is produced strongly from consistent value.


A Career Is A Job Secured By Persistence

A job may last for a day. But career shall pierce through time and space. You don’t get a career overnight. Everyone needs to persist and overcome hindrances along the way. A good beginning should be paired with a good ending – that is building your career, for real.

 Do not give up on your dreams when you think you cannot reach them from where you are. No one gets to any fulfillment of their dream when they stop. As what Farrah Gray said, I say do not settle working on a job just to build anyone else’s dream. Work because you have your dream. God gave you a dream. If I have given up on my God-given dreams, I will not be here writing this to you. So keep on dreaming and work on your dream.


A Career Is A Job Directed By Purpose

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  We only go round and round on our job hopping because we lack direction on where to really head on. There is no wrong on trying things out unless you excessively make it a hobby.

Ultimately, setting up a direction is solely founded on your purpose. Why do you set yourself out on a journey of building a career? The way you answer this question shall depict your journey towards career peak. I believe we are purposely put into this Earth. Find out the purpose and curve your road towards that. You might as well consider it as your own calling. I answered the call, so will you? We all have a role to play and that might be in a career.


Wherever we are, be passionate, productive, persistent and purposeful on our work. A job comes before career. But as you get a job, find your passion and produce value. Your passion is inseparable from your very purpose. That same purpose will secure your career as you excel in what you’re born to do.

That is what building your career is all about. It is no more about the momentary paycheck. It is about a lifelong payoff. No matter how long and rough the road is, you keep on moving.  It’s time to shift your mind from a “just job” thinker to a “passionate, productive, persistent, purposeful career” thinker.


Do You Remember the Resurrection Sunday?

The tomb of Christ is famous because of what it DOES NOT CONTAIN.Sam Morris. For Christians, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is more than just a sacrifice. It is actually a saving grace denoting that death has no hold to our soul when we die. It is a perfect time to reunite and have a great weekend with the family and friends. It is a celebration!

Many times we overlooked the very essence of death and resurrection of Jesus yet so the meaning stays pure and impactful. Many historians believed and published their findings about this most debated event. From physical proofs to literary evidences, the historicity of it all is established. The history cast no shadow of any doubt about the truthfulness of the resurrection.

This is a season of hope and celebration for those in faith of Jesus Christ. Whatever life throws at you, you know you can survive it – thrive above it. What will you do in this celebration of hope? Are you going to have a weekend getaway with the family? Take a blissful walk at the park? Enjoy delightful food in a resto? Hang out at our café? Make some plans and find some people to spend it with at our place.

Here are four (4) ideas for you and your family and friends after meditating and basking the essence of Resurrection Sunday.

  1. Go somewhere with your family and friends to reunite the fun and loving memories you have away from the busyness of the day. Perhaps, spend some hours by the beach or at a farm. Nature is very powerful in balancing our perspective. The tranquility of its existence resonates peace. Find peace this Sunday!
  2. Watch a good movie. It is one of the activities that will leave us away from the scolding busyness outside. Relax and relive fun moments together with your family and friends. Find a family-oriented movie that will trigger and encourage everyone else to engage afterwards. Relax together this Sunday!
  3. Go shopping together. Well, I guess you might think it will be costly. Don’t let money rule over your happiness with your family. Find something you can buy that will make everyone happy. For sure, you will see to it that it be beneficial to everyone. Perhaps, buy your favorite food to share with them. Spend on quality over quantity this Sunday!
  4. Dine out together with your family and friends. It is said that eating together is the best way to catch up with one another despite the busyness of the day. It is one activity that will open up each other’s heart towards more closeness of the relationships. Rebuild closeness this Sunday!

Call mom – send a message to dad! Make some plans for this one. You have a long vacation during the holidays. Make it enjoyable this time. Sure fun you will find! Got a little brother or sister? Do something memorable with them. Take them to the place they would surely love. Play at the amusement or bring them to the sweets. Make sure you will put a smile on their faces.

What are you waiting for? Make us part of your celebration! Celebrate with Book Latte Megaworld at the Festive Walk Parade this April 16, 2017 from 10AM to 2PM. Enjoy the all-time best sellers in a brunch buffet with your family and friends for only P258 with drinks! For inquiries, contact us at 0917-310-7888. Let us all remember the Resurrection Sunday with a smile on our faces!

free negative thoughts thmb

Free Your Mind From Negative Thoughts


The year has just started and resolutions were drawn out. From the first day of this year to present, many situations and people have challenged us in fulfilling our resolutions. With only a span of two months, it is quite a roller coaster ride for some of us. When all things become ugly and turn into a blob of mental impulses, how can you free your mind from negative thoughts?

I’m pretty sure that in these times, even in our regular days, we are bombarded with unpleasant thoughts. These thoughts are pulling us down. They are ripping our confidence, our core and our view of our value. Yet we are not made to break in the midst of all these thoughts. We are more than this!

Our thought life is a vital aspect of our being. It is the spring board on how we deal and look at people, things and circumstances. The series of thoughts that we allow to stay in our mind becomes the path of our destiny. Whether these thoughts are positive or negative, they control our destiny – for real!

So, how do we deal negative thoughts?


Four Practices To Combat Negative Thoughts


Let me share few practices that can help you free your mind from negative thoughts.

Practice of Catching Negative Thoughts

This practice is suggesting us to get enough awareness whenever negative thoughts are rising in our minds. Through awareness, we begin to recognize them and gain the will to dispel their attachments. We get ourselves an opportunity to choose between retaining the thoughts or move on to better the future.

Practice of Positive Thought Replacements

Whenever we get the awareness that a pessimistic thought is popping here and there and we choose to brush them off, we can then move forward by replacing these negative thoughts with their counterparts; the positive ones. This process will fill in the vacancy in our mind with positive thoughts after dispelling the negative. It will change the direction of our thought pattern for the better.

Practice of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is sustained attention in the present moment. When we become conscious of our present, the space and the life we are in will gradually detach us from those damaging thoughts. Moreover, as much as unmanaged negative thoughts can lead to depression, mindfulness is an effective tool for preventing real deal depression.

Practice of Gratefulness

Gratefulness is noticing simple pleasures life at the moment is offering us. The process is commonly known as counting your blessings. In this practice, we are refocusing our thoughts to draw on a positive line. This practice can also heighten the quality of your life. It calibrates our mind to feel the joy from ordinary kind gestures and favors.

You can have these practices and enjoy life even more! It is time to free your mind from negative thoughts. I know, you are thinking some of practical ways where you can incorporate them. So let me have a high-five for you!

Five Activities To Engage Positivity


Watch inspiring or funny movies. This will enliven hope, peace and joy in you to support the growth of positive thoughts. Movies are wonderful avenue to turn our perspective from a negative one to positive.

Sing or listen to happy music. As we say, music is the language of our soul. The core of our emotions is easily triggered by music. The series of tones and tunes is easily understood by our soul. So, trigger the happy hormones.

Read inspiring books or stories. Reading is really an active way to relax the mind, and release the tension. As the internal pressures die down, the mind can work out thoughts that are positive. Reading inspirational material such as real life testimonies on success and psalm verses from your spiritual root can grow back the vigor of your soul.

Engage on your talent. Passionate skills can drive you from a negative road to a positive. It is an avenue that will fit you to express who you are. They can be a channel in releasing negativity and absorbing positivity. The return of your talent will be a sense of value and confidence.

Hang out with family and friends. For every journey, you will always need a support system. These people will cheer your joy up and cut down your repulsive mental tendencies. They will serve as a source of your positive aura.

Now, what do you think of this? Start to free your mind from negative thoughts. Drop by at Book Latte and find a world full of positivity. You can sit down and listen to your favorite songs, read some good books, indulge in your talent, and have a fun time with family and friends. Come and discover how great your mind can be!


Burdened with Legacy in the Eighth Story

You’re supposed to teach him how to meet life. – Dumbledore’s insights for parenting. The eighth Harry Potter story has landed on a very interesting plot burdened with legacy and mystery without scraping out the tension and magical aspects. The story started nineteen years later from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and following Harry Potter, now a Ministry of Magic employee and his younger son, Albus Severus Potter, named in memory of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, two former headmasters of Hogwarts.

Potter Family

In the dawning of a new age after Voldemort was defeated, Harry Potter is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and has three children with Ginny Weasley: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. In September 1, 2017, Albus Severus left for his first year in Hogwarts along with his older brother, his cousin Rose Granger-Weasley, daughter of Hermoine Granger, now the Minister for Magic, and Ron Weasley who manages Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and Scorpius Malfoy, the only son of Draco Malfoy, Harry’s former rival.

Before boarding the Hogwarts Express, Albus confided to his father his fear of not meeting the expectation burdened with legacy in his family name. He fears to be sorted into Slytherin. To comfort him, his father revealed that the bravest man he ever knew – Severus Snape – had been a Slytherin student. And if Albus prefers to be sorted into Gryffindor, Harry made it a point that the Sorting Hat would take this choice into account, as it did for him.

Nonetheless, will the Potter legacy continue on Albus Severus?

Potter Legacy

After arriving at Hogwarts, the Sorting ceremony began. The Sorting Hat placed Rose in Gryffindor and both Scorpius and Albus in Slytherin which surprised everyone. More than just a surprise, other students made it a mockery for Albus Severus being a Potter in Slytherin. During his first flying lesson, Albus burdened with legacy failed to demonstrate his flying skills and thereby labeled as the “Slytherin Squib”.

All the way to his third year of school, Albus continued to endure the weight of his father’s legacy and struggle to live up to others’ expectations as the son of Harry Potter. While Albus had to undergo teasing and only having Scorpius as a friend, Rose had a better time at Hogwarts, becoming very popular and a Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team in her second year.

Burdened with legacy, it seems that Albus Severus is leading a different way from his father’s.

This strained the relationship between Albus and his father. It brought both of them to a point of regretting to be part of each other’s life. It was a huge gap in between. A hallow of bitterness and regret filled them.

Harry – “You wish me dead?”
Albus – “No, I just wish you weren’t my dad.”
Harry – “Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.”

Albus made a chain of mistakes in this story that interrupted with time as he and Scorpius tried to redeem the past by using a Time-Turner. In the end, it’s not right to meddle with what already happened years back. It is a huge mess when past and present collides ominously making it very uncomfortable to learn the truth.

We must understand that in their relationship, each of them has a target and a goal just to get each other at the best stance in life. That is parenthood. But parents and children will not always have the same trail to leave behind as legacy.

Potter in Parenting

We cannot protect the young from harm. Pain must and will come – Dumbledore on Harry’s issue of parenting his younger son. Harry is aiming to get Albus at his expected future, protected from any harm and danger along the way. Well, it is not the case at all. While Albus is burdened with legacy, Harry is burdened with his responsibility as the father.

It is even unrealistic to say that evil will never come to inflict pain. The fact is that everyone eventually will be met by some sort of evil along their journey. And as parents, we can either get our children prepared to meet and overcome the evil or we can just protect them with so much innocence and ignorance that we send them into the world clueless of evil lacking the tools to overcome whatever life is throwing at their doorstep.

To note, this is not a permission to just physically, emotionally or mentally harm the child as in abuse. But biblically, parents should train the child up to be a person of good influence and good stance in life.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it – Proverbs 22:6

It is not being burdened with legacy. But it is setting up a legacy for you and for the people after you to follow. If your parents have not done it right, then do it right in your own time. It is a matter of what is today and what will be tomorrow. Past will always be the past. But you can still better today and tomorrow.

Say, you want to read the entire book? Hoooray! We got one for you to read at the lounge. Visit us, sit back, relax and have a cup of coffee paired with one of the best pastries as you delve into the eighth story of Harry Potter, now with his son burdened with legacy!