Book Latte Cake Creation

Book Latte: New Cake Creation

Book Latte is unfolding new chapters for 2018. We started with the launching of the Book Culture last December 30, 2017. Now, to keep the momentum of creating new chapters for this year, we happily create new pastry experience for everyone, our Cake Creation.

The new cake creations will tease the taste of our Ilonggos. With the creativity of Chef Marvin Bagube, Book Latte presents new heaven’s taste in a slice. Each slice is a perfect ending for any meal of any person. “I made the cakes that are simple, honest and straightforward. No unnecessary ingredients and preservatives were added.” said Chef Marvin.

Surely, you won’t stop having only a slice of the new cake creation. “I made sure it’s not too sweet that you could order another slice,” he added. I know, it’s getting exciting!

Cake Creation: Classic Cheesecake with Blueberry Toppings

(Available in strawberry toppings too) This is the cheesecake that was featured at “Best Cheesecake Ever” last year. Only the best cheesecake for me.

Book Latte Cake Creation

Cake Creation: Chocolate and Caramel Cake

Perfect blend of chocolate and caramel for coffee lovers!

Book Latte Cake Creation

Cake Creation: Carrots and Cranberry Cake

Taste the new twist for our best loved carrot cake!

Book Latte Cake Creation

Cake Creation: Ube Macapuno Cake

Now, a must-try for every coffee drinker! The ube and the macapuno will be the whole twist in this cake from start to finish.

Book Latte Cake Creation

Now, come and enjoy these cake creation and more at Book Latte! Perfect ending for your meal, for coffee and for sweet people like you! See you around!

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