Do You Remember the Resurrection Sunday?

The tomb of Christ is famous because of what it DOES NOT CONTAIN. – Sam Morris. For Christians, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is more than just a sacrifice. It is actually a saving grace denoting that death has no hold to our soul when we die. It is a


Burdened with Legacy in the Eighth Story

You’re supposed to teach him how to meet life. – Dumbledore’s insights for parenting. The eighth Harry Potter story has landed on a very interesting plot burdened with legacy and mystery without scraping out the tension and magical aspects. The story started nineteen years later from Harry Potter and the


2017 New Year Resolutions at Book Latte

It’s 2017! – And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been. – Rainer Maria Rilke. Glitters of hope and sprinkles of excitement are brewing at Book Latte. To open up this amazing year, we have compiled creative mixtures to head on your calendar. You can think of these as [...]

Inferno: Chasing The Truth For Survival

What if – “Dante’s hell is not fiction… It is prophecy!”

October this year, another movie will be seen in wide screens to every corner of the earth. “Inferno”– a movie based on the fourth book of an American author, Dan Brown, in his Robert Langdon series following Angels & Demons,


Top 5 Paulo Coelho Books

Paulo Coelho is a great author. Ever wondered which of his books to read first? Which ones give you a great sense of Paulo Coelho’s style? Which ones have the best storyline? The best message? The best reads?

Well, here are my suggestions as to the best books by Paulo Coelho