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Why Read Books: The Heritage and Benefits of Reading Books

Seamlessly, technology has ruthlessly crippled the ecology of libraries and humanity especially in reading books. Seeing the benefits we can obtain from technology as our helpmate in our daily lives, we seem to have forgotten some other aspects of life – the long road experience. Having our today’s advancement in technologies, every route and process were cut into short. We somehow lost the rewards of taking the long processes in life.

Processes in our day-to-day tasks are almost driven by vital information. The increase of information in the globe has risen beyond our minds can handle. This situation leads to our dependence on technology for recognition, computation, and analysis to arrive at a concrete decision. One click, one drag, one call, one drop is all it takes especially with information.

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When we need certain information, we turn to Google Search. When we need to find a certain word from a very long content, we use word finder. The declining percentage of people reading lengthy but well-written content for the sake of knowledge is alarming. It becomes a red alert because not able to read that long makes humanity stagnant in its personal growth while the progress in technology is far reaching. People become naïve and culturally ignorant along the way.

Reading Books Brings Personal Growth

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A study conducted by University of Toronto researchers, Maja Djikic and Keith Oatley (2014) showed that reading even just fictional pieces allows us to open up ourselves to situations of others and explore our own selves and personalities. And in the process, we gain insights to change the parts of ourselves that we don’t like. We all long for societal development and one avenue to start it is by taking the long process of reading books – not just skimming.

Reading Books Ushers Lifetime Success

Even famous people attributed their success to reading books – a lot. Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, credited his success to reading 500 pages every day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year which means one every week while Mark Zuckerberg habitually has a book to read every two weeks.

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According to Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, rich people having an annual income of $160,000 or more read for self-improvement, education, and success. On the other hand, less fortunate people having an annual income of $35, 000 or less are just reading books primarily for entertainment. These people are once stranger to success until one book, one chapter, one paragraph, one word has struck them and made them a success. We can have ours too.

Reading Books Breaks Social Naivety and Cultural Ignorance

People are born pure and neutral from external influences of society. We are all a blank slate the moment we stepped into this world. How we act and respond will depend on the environment we are cultured into. Nowadays, we cannot avoid being left behind by the fast changing blow of advancements around us.

But we can take the long road by reading books. We see the whole dimension of humanity and how it works through the words which are the experience of the authors from their own journey. That is a good start for familiarization.

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Have you heard of “Binukot Princesses of Panay”? In the ethnic tribes in the Panay hinterlands, there is a family tradition of setting apart one girl to be a “Binukot”. A Binukot is a woman who, from childhood, is not allowed to work or to be seen by other people.

She is waited on hand and foot, given only the choicest of food, carried around in a hammock because her feet should never touch the ground. She is basically treated like a princess. In turn, she could neither be seen by people other than her immediate family, go to school, nor be allowed for sun exposure. Her innocence has turned to social naivety and cultural ignorance.

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At Book Latte Megaworld, there is a Binukot Princess Inspired Artwork done by Ron Bulahan and Kinno Florentino. However, the cage of social naivety and cultural ignorance was gradually loosened by reading books. The princess seeks to learn about the world through the words of every author. She gains confidence and love of self and others. This is why Book Latte is founded to foster the love for reading books – to lead a movement for social development.

We may not travel the world with our feet; taste all delicious dishes with our mouth or experience such and such. But we can see and feel how the world looks like from afar in a manner that’s up close to us. There is a world in the pages of each book equally mirrors the world we live in. Want to see that world? So keep reading books in our lounge!

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