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Book Latte Apple Cider Honey Cooler

5 #SummerFit Reasons to Try Book Latte Cider Honey Cooler

Book Latte Apple Cider Honey CoolerThe weather is getting hotter in the tropics and we are craving more for cool drinks to get through each day. Now, Book Latte is launching its new drink to keep us hydrated and healthy for a #SummerFit this year! Make way for the new healthy drink in town – Cider Honey Cooler! It is a refreshing mixture of apple cider and honey. Why drink? It is just the healthiest option to quench your thirst.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Helps Alkalize Your Body

Unhealthy habits will eventually affect your body. It will rob you of your energy, enthusiasm, and health. Having low pH level in your body can lead to several diseases, inflammation, and infection. Drinking cider honey cooler will help raise your pH level to its natural state which will make you more resistive to germs and ailments. This drink is recommended to people who experience inflammation, problems with digestion, and pain in the muscles, joints or throat.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Relieves Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Both apple cider and honey are found to be helpful in balancing stomach acid while honey has an anti-inflammatory element that soothes the esophagus. Studies found that apple cider has comparable results with antiacids and alleviates heartburn symptoms. Honey, on the other hand, has medicinal properties that are able to assist lowering acid reflux symptoms. Make sure to drink cider honey cooler whenever you feel unease in your stomach.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Lose Some Weight

Consuming cider honey cooler can also help you with your weight loss journey. Apple cider has a physiological effect on suppressing appetite, controlling blood sugar levels and preventing fat accumulation. A study from Japan found that a dose of 30ml vinegar in 500ml water daily helped reduce body fat mass and reduce waistlines in obese people. Honey is also good in getting rid of your body toxins. It turns on the detoxification genes in your body.

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Apple cider and honey can naturally reduce your body’s cholesterol level and keep your blood healthy. Drinking apple cider and honey is one way of assisting the liver in processing fatty acids and increasing bile production. A study about the intake of honey shows that regular honey consumption decreases levels of LDL cholesterol known as the “bad” cholesterol and increases levels of HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol. Let’s enforce the good cholesterol by drinking our cider honey cooler!

#SummerFit Cider Honey Cooler: Improves Skin Conditions

Apple cider and honey has antibacterial properties combined to make a great tonic for a healthy skin. Both apple cider and honey are used for treating eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Apple cider prevents germs from infecting damaged skin while honey hastens your skin’s natural healing process and will also hydrate and soften your skin. Plus, this drink also helps you have a healthier hair growth. Have a youthful glowing skin with our cider honey cooler this #SummerFit!

Let have a #SummerFit with Book Latte’s newest concoction – Cider Honey Cooler! Make sure to give it a try and enjoy a healthier life! 

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture: Launching The New Chapter for 2018

Book Latte is keeping up with its core as a revolutionary cafe in Iloilo City. From just a cafe to a library, it evolved to become a learning hub and an art gallery. As we all close down year 2017, we opened the new chapter of Book Latte. We unveiled the new culture – Book Culture – last December 30, 2017. Indeed, it was a “Night of Books + Food + Drinks”.

Book Culture Book Latte

A year ago, exactly December 20, 2016, Book Latte opened up the ground of Megaworld for all the #HumansOfBookLatte and the rest of Iloilo to embrace and promote reading through Book Swapping. From Just Book Swap, we are now evolving to make it a Book Culture!

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Latte – a revolutionary coffee shop, is what we would like to be known as. Book Latte is a coffee shop perfectly complemented by a library! We are the first registered library café in the city. We strongly advocate love of reading and learning. One of our goals is to soon help build children’s libraries in sub urban and rural communities by donating children books whenever we can.

Book Culture Book Latte

To materialize this, we want to officially launch Book Culture – Sharing lifetime brews and novels. What is Book Culture? It is a social movement we want to create among our patrons and guests whom we call “Humans Of Book Latte”. It is a culture of valuing the importance of books in our fast-paced society. It is a culture where we can share books with each other. By this, we can ensure perpetual learning experiences through the love of reading.

Book Culture Book Latte

I am utterly thankful to everyone who graced with us the launching of Book Culture. We have family, friends and the rest of #HumansOfBookLatte with us to welcome the new year with a new story for everyone.

Book Culture Book Latte

Under Book Culture, we will have 3 areas where we can all participate.

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture: Book Donation

First is Book Donation. Whenever you have pre-loved books, from novels to short stories and children’s books, and you are ready to let them go, you can donate them to Book Latte.

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture: Book Swap

Second, Book Swap. Aside from donated books, we will have a corner available for book swapping. For every book that you bring during a Book Swap event, you can pick a book to take home in return. Actually, we already had our first Book Swap event a year ago. With this, we hope to support the continuous process of enjoyment and learning through reading. It’s like exchanging books with everyone and Book Latte will be our common point.

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture: Book Trade

Third, Book Trade. For famous and collector’s item books, if you are ready to take them out from your personal library and sell them, we can either buy them for our collection or help you find the new owner by sharing them to our #HumansOfBookLatte through a Facebook post.

Book Culture Book Latte

For any assistance you would need as you participate in this movement, you can contact us at 09173107888.

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture Book Latte

Everyone was into reading and we all enjoyed swapping our pre-loved books.

Book Culture Book Latte

Even the young minds enjoyed the night!

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture Book Latte

The launching is sumptuously matched with food and drinks! We had Molo Blanca and Grand Nachos for everyone.

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture Book Latte

Also, we had surprise giveaways to our winners for the hashtag posts!

Book Culture Book Latte

Book Culture Book Latte

Are you with us in this social movement? Are you ready for the rippling effect in the city?

Book Culture Book Latte

Here in Book Latte, we want to ignite this culture of books. Because here in Book Latte, we are not only brewing coffee. We also brew novels, stories, dreams and inspirations… Now, we are brewing a culture – Book Culture!

Carren Slider

Coffee Paintings by Carren Evangelista at Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Book Latte Alternative Art Space opens for another set of art pieces last December 18, 2017. This time, it was all about paintings done with coffee powder diluted in water. “MANGGAD” – coffee paintings by Carren Evangelista shows another treasure in the art by using coffee powder to express what she treasures as a child, a woman, and an artist.

Coffee Paintings

In her first solo mini-exhibit of coffee paintings, Carren examined the concept of “Manggad”, a Hiligaynon word for “treasure”. What is really a treasure? What do you treasure? Who do you treasure?

Coffee Paintings

Coffee Paintings

The exhibit shows some of the personal memories of Carren in her childhood. She believes that childhood is a defining moment for any of us. It is the most important foundation that will direct one’s life in the future. In a matter of time, adulthood will reflect one’s childhood. These are embodied by her coffee paintings.

Coffee Paintings

Coffee Paintings

Coffee Paintings

Alongside with childhood, it is the most fragile phase of human life. The virtue and personality honed in this phase will eventually decide either to make or break one’s future. The children in her coffee paintings live simple, have purity, and show kindness – virtues that need emphasis when we deal with each other, perhaps even with ourselves.

Coffee Paintings

Coffee Paintings

Coffee Paintings

“Last but not the lease, the most important “manggad” earned in this endeavor is the lesson learned as an artist – to never be afraid to play with the medium and materials, as evinced by freer brushstrokes and weaved paper texture, just as it was in her childhood when she played, explored her environment and interests, and created memories.”

Coffee Paintings

Coffee Paintings

[caption id="attachment_749" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Coffee Paintings Old portrait of Carren’s grandparents done when she was in 5th grade[/caption]

Coffee Paintings

These virtues – simplicity, purity, and kindness – are not only exemplified in her coffee paintings, but also on the way she arranged the whole space. With toys, coloring materials, cassette, videotape, and some sparkling lights, the Book Latte Alternative Art Space is toned down to live like a child once again. What an experience!

Coffee Painting

Coffee Painting

Coffee Painting

The opening night was well supported and attended by Carren’s family and friends! This is just a simple way to celebrate her masterpieces and creativity.

Coffee Painting

Coffee Painting

Coffee Painting

Coffee Painting

“Manggad” Coffee Paintings by Carren Evengelista will run til January 17, 2018 here at Book Latte Alternative Art Space! Come and visit these art pieces!

Coffee Painting


#NewFoodxBookLatte Giveaway – Christmas at Book Latte

Book Latte is very grateful for its 2017. Christmas holidays make everyone busy and excited. The season of giving and love fills the air in our lounge and library. As part of the celebration, we are introducing our new food menus with the hashtag #NewFoodxBookLatte!

[gallery columns="4" size="full" ids="737,736,735,734,733,732,731,730"]

To show their gratefulness to all the #HumansOfBookLatte they are giving away 5 of P300 worth of Book Latte experiences before the year ends. We inviting everyone to participate and get a chance to win a gift certificate. The certificate is transferable as your gift to someone you love. Check this post now on how to join!


To our #HumansOfBookLatte:

In celebration of a wonderful 2017 with us, we will be giving away 5 – P300 worth of Book Latte experience featuring our new food menus.

Make somebody special happy! You may also give and share your gift certificate to others (a friend, a donee, a relative) in case you win! This is entirely transferrable. To join, kindly do the following steps:

1. Like or LOVE this original post.
2. Share this post on your Facebook timeline using the hashtag #NewFoodxBookLatte. (Make sure the post is in public settings so we can check on it ^_^ )
3. Comment below 3 of your friends on the original post.

#ChristmasAtBookLatte Let’s tell everyone what’s new in Book Latte!
Stay tuned for our series of announcements of winners!

To join, here is the post!


Miss Makeover

Miss Makeover Book Launch

Claire Betita De Guzman, an Ilongga author who is behind the bestselling No Boyfriend Since Birth, launched her new book, Miss Makeover, last December 2, 2017 at Book Latte Megaworld.

The launching was well attended by Claire’s family and friends. Everyone enjoyed interesting stories. fun games and exciting raffles and giveaways.

About Claire:

Claire Betita De Guzman is an Ilongga author who pursued excellence in journalism. She earned her degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines. She has also taken up writing courses from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. She is a former magazine editor at Cosmopolitan Philippines, Preview, and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and lifestyle reporter for the broadsheet TODAY.

Now, she enjoys writing novels, short stories and a dip of poetry. She is the author of chick-lit novel No Boyfriend Since Birth, published by Summit Books, which was adapted into a TV series in the Philippines. Also, she authored other books like Girl Meets World, also by Summit Books, and Budget is the New Black, by Marshall Cavendish in Singapore. Her latest novel, Miss Makeover, was actually released this year.

Book Latte was filled with laughter and smiles. To make the occasion more alive, delectable food was served. We had club sandwiches, waffles, cream horns and fish fillet; all paired with sparkling juices.

Miss Makeover

Miss Makeover

Miss Makeover

Miss Makeover

About Miss Makeover:

“When beauty writer and makeup maven Mara Francisco gets a grand makeover, she also got hunky, handsome Markus. It’s about time: it’s been five years since Mara’s had a boyfriend. But has Markus really fallen for her – or the new, made-up Mara? Just as things go awry, work takes Mara to a far-flung town in the Philippines for a no-frills, back to basics program called the Real Beauty Boot Camp. The boot camp’s main rule? Absolutely no makeup during the six-day workshop!”

Miss Makeover

“But it’s been years since Mara has gone out without her ‘face’. And she needs to be filmed for her magazine’s vlog – by her cheeky but irresistibly charming colleague, Jack. Was it fate that she bumps into Joel, and old, intense high school crush she discovers she hasn’t really gotten over yet? And why is she drawn to the aloof and unavailable town local, Victor?”

“Follow Mara’s adventures from the jungles of Bali to the beaches of the Philippines, amidst makeup mishaps, island escapades, and social media slip-ups in her search for answers… and true love.”

Along with the whole program, many of us enjoyed some moments at the photo booth.

Miss Makeover

It was a fun-filled day with Claire Betita De Guzman as she launched her new book, Miss Makeover. For any inquiries about her book, you can connect with her on her social media accounts, @clairebetita or visit her on the web

We hope to have you again in Book Latte, Ms Claire! Book Latte sends our warmest congratulations to you!

Photo credits: Nile on Weekends



Art Gallery: Cacher By Al at Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Continuing being a revolutionary coffee shop perfectly complemented with a library and an art galleryBook Latte Alternative Art Space“, another set of artworks are available in the art gallery opened last November 19, 2017. Artworks by Al Restar has some unique edges depicting the contrast of personal experiences.

Cacher is the second set of artworks in Book Latte. It opened last November 19, 2017, attended by family and friends of the artist, Al.

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="667,677,676,671"]

Self-taught watercolor artist, Al Restar has been very fascinated by contrast – the yin and the yang, light, and darkness, yes and no and usually sees the world as binary. He spends a portion of his time working on his watercolor portraits, writing legislation for his town, graphic arts projects and sleeping. He was mentored by the Aklanon PWD Artist, Ricky Molo when he was a kid and is inspired by the works of Agnes Cecile, Banksy, Tomasz Mro, Kazel, and Kingsloop.

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="673,678,674,675"]

Cacher, a french word that means to cover or to obscure, is the artist’s first solo show that features his works that depict two phases of his life: tension and release. The collection is composed of the artist’s recent watercolor works inspired by the japanese origami to relay the message it intends. It is further centered to two of the artist’s self portraits.

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="658,660,661,657"]

When asked about his inspiration on this art gallery, he answered “the works aims to discuss the journey of people from being boxed up by social construct to their release to be their own selves. The collection tackles different social inequalities as experienced by the artist as it invokes a catatonic feeling and an eventual relief one gets from release.

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="684,685"]

The opening night was well supported by Book Latte together with Ms. Estorque, Sasha Cabais and Nile on Weekends.

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="680,681,682,668,679,683"]

This event and this art gallery was enjoyed not only through our eyes, but definitely with our taste buds as we enjoy Book Latte’s signature menus; Waffles (with blueberries/strawberries and maple syrup), Grand Nachos and the famous Alcoholic Coffees!

[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="671,666,665,663"]

So, come and visit this ever innovating library cafe in the city, Book Latte, at the Festive Walk Parade, Megaworld! The exhibit in the art gallery will run til December 14, 2017! Enjoy your cup of coffee, a pair of waffles, rice meal as you behold these magnificent art pieces!


Book Latte Alternative Art Space + The Dreamer’s Design

Book Latte launched its art gallery “Book Latte Alternative Art Space” with its first art exhibit “The Dreamer’s Design” by Sasha Cabais last October 1, 2017 at The Festive Walk Parade, Megaworld, Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Book Latte is becoming known as a revolutionary coffee shop in Iloilo City perfectly complemented with a library and a great coffee experience! On top of that, it is now an Art Gallery for our local artists. As an advocate of peace through art appreciation, Book Latte Alternative Art Space is opened this month to host and support Ilonggo art on their exhibits.

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

The grand opening was well attended and supported by the family, friends, and acquaintances of the artist. There were around 30 or more people who filled the gallery with greetings and appreciation. There were also some friends from Hubon Ilonggo.

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Book Latte Alternative Art Space is themed to hold art exhibit promoting women empowerment and our very own women artists. Our first artist, Sasha Cabais, is “a self-taught artist and graphic designer. Inspired by the artworks in the gallery her father works in, Sasha started drawing and doing arts and crafts at a young age. Her artworks usually focus on portraits and fantasy-related art with mediums like acrylic, colored pencils, watercolors, and ink.”

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

When asked about the artist’s inspiration for the exhibit, here’s what she’ll share with you.

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

“Have you ever noticed how much the ocean and space are so alike? They are both huge and you can float around. They both are scary, but yet so beautiful.  I sometimes imagine that when you dive deeper through the Marianas Trench, you’ll end up floating in space. I also imagined that jellyfishes are bright comets and that whales are asteroids floating around. That’s when I decided to create a world of my own. That’s what The Dreamer’s Design is all about.”

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

The whole event was complemented with some cheerful chats while enjoying Book Latte’s signature food and coffee. Strawberry and blueberry flavored waffles, nachos, and alcoholic coffee were served to everyone.

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

The Dreamer’s Design will run til November 15, 2017 at Book Latte Megaworld! Now, opens 24 hours! The following are more photos during the event. For the details of the artworks in the exhibit, check out our gallery. Photo credits to  ATMOS.PH.

Book Latte Alternative Art SpaceBook Latte Alternative Art Space Book Latte Alternative Art Space Book Latte Alternative Art Space Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Book Latte

Why Read Books: The Heritage and Benefits of Reading Books

Seamlessly, technology has ruthlessly crippled the ecology of libraries and humanity especially in reading books. Seeing the benefits we can obtain from technology as our helpmate in our daily lives, we seem to have forgotten some other aspects of life – the long road experience. Having our today’s advancement in technologies, every route and process were cut into short. We somehow lost the rewards of taking the long processes in life.

Processes in our day-to-day tasks are almost driven by vital information. The increase of information in the globe has risen beyond our minds can handle. This situation leads to our dependence on technology for recognition, computation, and analysis to arrive at a concrete decision. One click, one drag, one call, one drop is all it takes especially with information.

Book Latte Library Cafe

When we need certain information, we turn to Google Search. When we need to find a certain word from a very long content, we use word finder. The declining percentage of people reading lengthy but well-written content for the sake of knowledge is alarming. It becomes a red alert because not able to read that long makes humanity stagnant in its personal growth while the progress in technology is far reaching. People become naïve and culturally ignorant along the way.

Reading Books Brings Personal Growth

Book Latte Personal Growth

A study conducted by University of Toronto researchers, Maja Djikic and Keith Oatley (2014) showed that reading even just fictional pieces allows us to open up ourselves to situations of others and explore our own selves and personalities. And in the process, we gain insights to change the parts of ourselves that we don’t like. We all long for societal development and one avenue to start it is by taking the long process of reading books – not just skimming.

Reading Books Ushers Lifetime Success

Even famous people attributed their success to reading books – a lot. Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, credited his success to reading 500 pages every day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year which means one every week while Mark Zuckerberg habitually has a book to read every two weeks.

Book Latte Lifetime Success

According to Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, rich people having an annual income of $160,000 or more read for self-improvement, education, and success. On the other hand, less fortunate people having an annual income of $35, 000 or less are just reading books primarily for entertainment. These people are once stranger to success until one book, one chapter, one paragraph, one word has struck them and made them a success. We can have ours too.

Reading Books Breaks Social Naivety and Cultural Ignorance

People are born pure and neutral from external influences of society. We are all a blank slate the moment we stepped into this world. How we act and respond will depend on the environment we are cultured into. Nowadays, we cannot avoid being left behind by the fast changing blow of advancements around us.

But we can take the long road by reading books. We see the whole dimension of humanity and how it works through the words which are the experience of the authors from their own journey. That is a good start for familiarization.

Reading Books at Book Latte

Have you heard of “Binukot Princesses of Panay”? In the ethnic tribes in the Panay hinterlands, there is a family tradition of setting apart one girl to be a “Binukot”. A Binukot is a woman who, from childhood, is not allowed to work or to be seen by other people.

She is waited on hand and foot, given only the choicest of food, carried around in a hammock because her feet should never touch the ground. She is basically treated like a princess. In turn, she could neither be seen by people other than her immediate family, go to school, nor be allowed for sun exposure. Her innocence has turned to social naivety and cultural ignorance.

Book Latte Binukot Princess

At Book Latte Megaworld, there is a Binukot Princess Inspired Artwork done by Ron Bulahan and Kinno Florentino. However, the cage of social naivety and cultural ignorance was gradually loosened by reading books. The princess seeks to learn about the world through the words of every author. She gains confidence and love of self and others. This is why Book Latte is founded to foster the love for reading books – to lead a movement for social development.

We may not travel the world with our feet; taste all delicious dishes with our mouth or experience such and such. But we can see and feel how the world looks like from afar in a manner that’s up close to us. There is a world in the pages of each book equally mirrors the world we live in. Want to see that world? So keep reading books in our lounge!

Book Latte 99-ers

Delightful Dine on Book Latte 99-ers

Book Latte has been a haven of different food experiences to Ilonggos. And this month, Iloilo’s first café library, we will all start enjoying another level of gastronomic twists on Book Latte 99-ers; ninety-nine pesos worth of affordable yet classic and tasteful meals.  With a reasonable price, each plate will have an exciting and luscious combination of food. So here we go!

Book Latte 99-ers #1: Bacon Sandwich and Mushroom Soup

Book Latte 99-ers Bacon Sandwich and Mushroom Soup

Book Latte 99-ers #2: Cordon Bleu with Rice and Mushroom Soup

Book Latte 99-ers Cordon Bleu with Rice and Mushroom Soup

Book Latte 99-ers #3: Garlic and Soy Glazed Fish Fillet and Pancit Molo

Book Latte 99-ers Garlic and Soy Glazed Fish Fillet and Pancit Molo

Book Latte 99-ers #4: Waffle, Chicken and Salad with Mushroom Soup

Book Latte 99-ers Waffle, Chicken and Salad with Mushroom Soup

At Book Latte, we continue to deliver scrumptious and delectable dishes. You can enjoy these plates from 7AM to 10AM daily at Book Latte Megaworld located at the Festive Walk Parade, Iloilo Business Park. Also, you can pair these meals with your choice of coffee flavors and concoctions. We also have our trending alcoholic coffees in the house available both for hot and cold serving.

To show you that we are ready to serve you another set of classic tastes, you can visit Luscious Iloilo as we just showed the sneak peek. Make sure to take a visit for a delightful experience. Book Latte Megaworld is soon to serve 24 hours, so keep posted for a new serving schedule on 99-ers affordable meals!