Art Gallery: Cacher By Al at Book Latte Alternative Art Space

Continuing being a revolutionary coffee shop perfectly complemented with a library and an art galleryBook Latte Alternative Art Space“, another set of artworks are available in the art gallery opened last November 19, 2017. Artworks by Al Restar has some unique edges depicting the contrast of personal experiences.

Cacher is the second set of artworks in Book Latte. It opened last November 19, 2017, attended by family and friends of the artist, Al.

Self-taught watercolor artist, Al Restar has been very fascinated by contrast – the yin and the yang, light, and darkness, yes and no and usually sees the world as binary. He spends a portion of his time working on his watercolor portraits, writing legislation for his town, graphic arts projects and sleeping. He was mentored by the Aklanon PWD Artist, Ricky Molo when he was a kid and is inspired by the works of Agnes Cecile, Banksy, Tomasz Mro, Kazel, and Kingsloop.

Cacher, a french word that means to cover or to obscure, is the artist’s first solo show that features his works that depict two phases of his life: tension and release. The collection is composed of the artist’s recent watercolor works inspired by the japanese origami to relay the message it intends. It is further centered to two of the artist’s self portraits.

When asked about his inspiration on this art gallery, he answered “the works aims to discuss the journey of people from being boxed up by social construct to their release to be their own selves. The collection tackles different social inequalities as experienced by the artist as it invokes a catatonic feeling and an eventual relief one gets from release.

The opening night was well supported by Book Latte together with Ms. Estorque, Sasha Cabais and Nile on Weekends.

This event and this art gallery was enjoyed not only through our eyes, but definitely with our taste buds as we enjoy Book Latte’s signature menus; Waffles (with blueberries/strawberries and maple syrup), Grand Nachos and the famous Alcoholic Coffees!

So, come and visit this ever innovating library cafe in the city, Book Latte, at the Festive Walk Parade, Megaworld! The exhibit in the art gallery will run til December 14, 2017! Enjoy your cup of coffee, a pair of waffles, rice meal as you behold these magnificent art pieces!

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