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Book Latte Congratulates Team Mahalo in Sicogon Outreach Program

May 20th this year highlights another impactful outreach program of Team Mahalo in Sicogon, Iloilo together with some friends from Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, His Life Church Bacolod and from other professional fields who passionately wrought in bringing school supplies to 198 children of Alipata Elementary School and basic medicines to the elders.


Book Latte, with our mission to move people into peace and community development, extends its support to Team Mahalo in their endeavors. We came to know this team from our blogger, Nile on Weekends, who invited us to be one of their sponsors on their outreach program last December 2016 in Concepcion, Iloilo. From there, we pledged to give any support we can to this team as they reach more young souls out there.


Summer this year, they were on the road to reach more kids in Sicogon. Around 8AM, the team arrived in Alipata Elementary School. The program started with a prayer and some words of inspiration from team’s representative and the school principal. Then, they had a couple of worship songs with the kids and their parents.



After which, the kids were grouped by grade level and small group leaders from the team were assigned to each group for a short discussion about Jesus and His eternal gift for humanity. Amazingly, the kids were very attentive and responsive.



After a very productive discussion with the kids, more fun exploded as everyone enjoyed the games. They had sack race, relay and paper dance. You can really see how the kids enjoy even with the scorching heat of the sun. Their smile kept the whole team together throughout the outreach program.



After some energizing games, the team started giving school supplies to these kids. The kit contained notebooks, pad papers, pencils/pens, eraser, sharpener, crayons, brown envelope and ruler. Some also received extra gifts in variety like a teddy bear, Yakult, and a pair of slippers.


Simultaneously with the outreach program, the team also had a mini medical mission to attend the health of the elders in the community. They had health professionals and boxes of basic medications.


Book Latte is in great joy to be part of this wonderful and passionate team, Team Mahalo, who showed us that God really loves the little children. We want to congratulate the team for another mark of legacy to these children. To another outreach program together with your sponsors, we will be there behind your back in support and in prayers. Keep the fire burning for these children!

*Photo credits: Nile on Weekends and Team Mahalo


Mother’s Day Celebration with Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis

No place in this world is, as safe as my mother’s womb. And nobody in this world is, as loving as my mother. – Luffina Lourduraj. Indeed, we want to honor the first woman everyone can have in a lifetime. And Iloilo Business Park Megaworld wants to have this day more than special by having two of the incredible moms in the industry of OPM – Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis.

Kitchie serenaded IBP Megaworld on a Saturday night, May 13, 2017, at the Festive Walk Parade. Everyone is electrified seeing a mom with a baby and a guitar up to the beat of the songs. It’s good to see Kitchie still performing together with her lovely soon-baby.

Barbie felt home as she made her come back to Iloilo after a couple of years. She made the celebration even brighter at the Festive Walk Parade last Sunday night, May 14, 2017, as she sang her smash hit songs. Her energy and excitement filled the whole area with laughter and smile.

As fun and memorable it can be, Book Latte supported the celebration all the way. And we are more than happy to serve Kitchie and Barbie our best in the house after they have performed.

We had rare moments with two of the most adorable moms and artists in the country. Moms are always the silent heroes everyone deserves.


The Equilibrium of Job and Building a Career

Many of us are focusing on getting into the workforce and just receive paycheck twice a month. But is that how we should look at the world of work? I am always reminded by a cogent quotation about passion at work“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” – Farrah Gray. This somehow fuels my strong conviction not to settle on doing things for a stack of pennies. There is more to work than just landing a job. There are careers we can all build in the span of our life – so start building your career today!


A Career Is A Job Nourished By Passion

Finding your job is never enough. Somehow, you have to grow in what you do to build your career. If you can learn how to love any job and fit what you are passionate about in what you do, it is no question that you already found the starting line of your career. Give room for passion in your job and watch how it prospers to be your very career. Give focus on building your career with passion in your job.

Working on a digital marketing company, I was able to hone my passion on helping people get their stuff out there on a competitive society. I did not see myself in marketing before I entered the company even though I was aware that giving others a platform to share their ideas and values injects me sheer joy more than I can explain. Eventually, I learned how to take my passion and squeeze it into what I do in the company. Find a job and grow your passion.

“Doing what you love and feeling passionate about your work only goes so far.” – Kathy Foltner


A Career Is A Job Sustained By Productivity

Without producing a valuable convert within you and your world, your job cannot evolve into a career. You get to stay in your career and grow when you can keep up with the demand of quality results. Productivity matters on your career growth. You can’t buy a career from the streets nor can you pick them along the wayside.

When your spinoff is worthy of any price, you get an edge to shape your job into a career.  Remember, career is all about value. Once your value in the society is established as you are building your career, blow a word and it becomes a raw decree to your audience. Career is produced strongly from consistent value.


A Career Is A Job Secured By Persistence

A job may last for a day. But career shall pierce through time and space. You don’t get a career overnight. Everyone needs to persist and overcome hindrances along the way. A good beginning should be paired with a good ending – that is building your career, for real.

 Do not give up on your dreams when you think you cannot reach them from where you are. No one gets to any fulfillment of their dream when they stop. As what Farrah Gray said, I say do not settle working on a job just to build anyone else’s dream. Work because you have your dream. God gave you a dream. If I have given up on my God-given dreams, I will not be here writing this to you. So keep on dreaming and work on your dream.


A Career Is A Job Directed By Purpose

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  We only go round and round on our job hopping because we lack direction on where to really head on. There is no wrong on trying things out unless you excessively make it a hobby.

Ultimately, setting up a direction is solely founded on your purpose. Why do you set yourself out on a journey of building a career? The way you answer this question shall depict your journey towards career peak. I believe we are purposely put into this Earth. Find out the purpose and curve your road towards that. You might as well consider it as your own calling. I answered the call, so will you? We all have a role to play and that might be in a career.


Wherever we are, be passionate, productive, persistent and purposeful on our work. A job comes before career. But as you get a job, find your passion and produce value. Your passion is inseparable from your very purpose. That same purpose will secure your career as you excel in what you’re born to do.

That is what building your career is all about. It is no more about the momentary paycheck. It is about a lifelong payoff. No matter how long and rough the road is, you keep on moving.  It’s time to shift your mind from a “just job” thinker to a “passionate, productive, persistent, purposeful career” thinker.