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Inferno: Chasing The Truth For Survival


What if – “Dante’s hell is not fiction… It is prophecy!”

October this year, another movie will be seen in wide screens to every corner of the earth. “Inferno”– a movie based on the fourth book of an American author, Dan Brown, in his Robert Langdon series following Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.

The book was released by Doubleday last May 14, 2013 gaining the number one spot on New York Times Best Seller list for Hardcover fiction and Combined Print and E-book fiction in its first eleven weeks. Today, it hooked itself on the list for Combined Print and E-book fiction having the tenth place.

In the sequel, Robert Langdon, a Harvard University professor, is lost in the middle of symbols, clues and memory loss battling on whom to trust before the whole humanity is irrevocably altered to something worse than what he can imagine. Suffering from a short-term memory loss, he found himself as a target of a national manhunt where he got some help from Sienna Brooks, one of the doctors attending him, all the way to discovering a biological plague is created to wipe out a large portion of the world’s population as solution to impending world crisis on overpopulation.


In Search of Truth

With geo-political crises and worldwide threats to our health and safety, Inferno drew many to searching for mechanisms to future survival. How can one survive the doomsday when the very least one can do is to find the truth behind the front curtains of worldwide government drama play?

If anyone wants to see what will happen when a truth about a worldwide concern is concealed from the public, then watch this movie! Or would you rather want to experience The Inferno Journey Through Hell with Dan Brown? Sony Entertainment, Google and Brown teamed up to create puzzles for three-week online experience. You just have to survive by solving three puzzles each week and of increasing difficulty.

But on real scores, who knows, every terrorist attack happening around the globe can be politically driven more than just extreme discrimination. What about when every arising threats to human health is created long ago and concealed from our very knowledge?

Finding out the latest virus spreading around, Zika virus was already identified in Uganda in1947 only in monkeys. Later in 1952, it was identified in human. Its first large outbreak was reported from the Island of Yap in 2007. Where does it lead us?


Hell on Earth Unleashed

Inferno portrays a virus engineered by Bertrand Zobrist, a billionaire geneticist and a Dante fanatic, to exterminate more than a half of human race in facing the coming uncontrollable human population growth. Will it be Zika in our time?

Zika virus is said to affect women badly. During pregnancy, the infection affects the form development of the baby causing birth defects. Also, it is associated with any other pregnancy problems. Further reports have been roaming around stating that there is an increasing case of people experiencing Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) due to the outbreak. This condition is a rare abnormality of the nervous system in which the person’s immune system attacks his own nerve cells.

An experimental report is also circulating that the infection has an Alzheimer’s-like effect in adults. Based on the experiment, the infection is observed attacking immature cells in the adult brain of the mice. These cells are very important in the process of learning and memory handling – thus, its depletion can have similar monstrous effects in comparison to people with Alzheimer’s.

What is the extent of Zika’s devastation into human’s existence and survival?

Why don’t you search Google in your laptop here at our lounge? Bring your smart phones, books, news papers and the latest news on Zika’s threats and outbreaks here at Book Latté. Find your best seat. Make the most of your time with us. We will read together enjoying a cup of java…

And together, let us face the path that humanity is now walking into!

I’m a fan of the truth… even if it’s painfully hard to accept.” – Dan Brown, Inferno